The New Outlook Pioneers are an independent Pioneer group (no company sponsorship) comprised of the employees and retirees of Lucent Technologies, Avaya Communication, and Agere. New count for the New Outlook Pioneers is over 82,700 over the the entire Pioneer Membership of slightly less than 500,000 strong and have members throughout the United States.
We are geographically organized into 7 Chapters. Chapters are further subdivided into Councils and Clubs. Please go to Chapters on the left navigation bar (click on Chapters and a list of Chapters appears) for detailed information about each Chapter and their activities. For additional information about a Chapter in your area, please contact the Chapter leadership listed under the navigation button titled Chapter Officers.
New Outlook Pioneers are proud to be a part of TelecomPioneers, a 501c3 organization. To learn more about TelecomPioneers, please go to their web site by clicking on the Pioneer logo at the bottom of the navigation bar on the top of the page.
“Membership will be granted to any individual who is willing to support the mission of TelecomPioneers and who will commit to supporting their community, the TelecomPioneers and our projects. Members will pay annual dues and will have full membership privileges, including the right to vote and to hold elective office.”
Please see the Membership Application section of this page.

Our Mission

Pioneers is a network of volunteers who effect immediate, tangible change in local communities, in partnership with their sponsors.

Our Vision

We are the recognized world-class leader in volunteerism. We are respected and valued by our members, our corporations, the global community and our industry. We are committed to the diversity and personal growth of our members, the success of our companies and to improving the quality of life in our communities.

Pioneering Values

Inclusive and Relevant We embrace members with different backgrounds, skills, and beliefs, because we know fresh ideas and unique viewpoints are necessary to meet the current and future needs of the people we serve.

Trustworthy and Compassionate

Our incredible success to date and our strong future is due entirely to our network of understanding, sensitive volunteers who thrive on responding to the critical needs of their communities.

Transparent and Accountable

As a volunteer and donation-driven organization, we make a promise to all our members and sponsors that we will be open about our business practices while maintaining the highest standards of financial accountability and integrity.

Our History

The Pioneers legacy is long and inspiring. It all began in 1911 with just 734 members (including Alexander Graham Bell). In the beginning, friendship and fellowship were what it was all about. Industry people recalling the facts, traditions, and memories of the early history of the telephone. But those who wrote the original Pioneers purpose were forward thinking in adding that it would also encourage “such other meritorious objects consistent with the foregoing as may be desirable.” That became what would make the Pioneers different from other industry groups.

One of those “meritorious objects” translated into community service. Chapters, councils and clubs began their own initiatives, mostly working with children’s groups. By 1958, community service was established as the Pioneers’ “New Tradition”. Today, the organization is the world’s largest group of industry-specific employees and retirees dedicated to community service. Pioneers volunteer more than 15 million hours annually responding to the individual needs of their communities.

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